Success is the result of an informed approach to choices and opportunities when combined with a committed effort through excellence...MC

Excellence in Success is a fulcrum providing several resources and opportunities designed for leadership, excellence and success!  We offer platforms that honors the unsung heroes, the altruistic one, future leaders and role models in our communities and across the country.  So often many wonderful accomplishments are done un-noticed.  Our leaders were able to succeed by standing on the shoulders of others.  

Other efforts and services offered:

Support Group for Children of Incarcerated Parents & At Risk Youth
TV Show Production/Studio
Professional Fundraising

Business Development
Car/Limo/Bus Service

Grant Writing

Web Design




Alicia Figueras-Lambert
President & CEO

Honored to be a vessel for those who can't, who won't or not sure how. Staying humble and on top of the world...

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